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California is the location of many supposedly haunted locations.

Abandoned Illinois prison to become haunted house for

Purchased these tickets at Costco thinking it would be like a professional haunted house like Statesville prison in Lockport.This time, they had a lot of more animatronics which were neat to see, but.House of Torment introduces a new brand of fear in Chicago this Halloween Season.

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The naturally decrepit, aged, and once abandoned casket manufacturing plant is the perfect backdrop for their dark and twisted production.This longtime haunted house out near Joliet has Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead.A Terrifying Tour Of This Haunted Prison In Tennessee Is Not For The Faint Of Heart.Whilst there are all sorts of haunted houses, hotels, schools, and castles throughout America, none are quite as terrifying as haunted insane asylums and hospitals.Renovations to the old Joliet Prison on the east side of Collins Street may have proved too much for Evil Intentions.

Chicago Campfire Festival - (Oct. 13th from 3pm-9pm) Pumpkin patch, ghost stories, marshmallow roasting, food vendors, face painting, haunted house, fire shows, and more.

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The best haunted houses in Chicago Walk through dungeons, abandoned mansions and terrifying warehouses in the scariest haunted attractions near Chicago Photograph: Courtesy HellsGate Haunted House.Be ready to see the corrupted captain who has traveled the world in search of darkness and evil.Statesville Haunted Prison, Crest Hill IL and City of the Dead Haunted Attraction in Crest Hill, Haunted House, Just Outside of Chicago, Illinois IL.

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Chicago offers an exhilarating experience for those looking for a haunted house.While there are plans to re-build it, it will not be ready for 2015.

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Voted Best Haunted House In Chicago, Scariest Haunted House in Illinois and one of the Top 25 Haunted Houses in America.

Old Joliet Prison to become haunted house for Halloween

There were a lot of people inside the prison to scare you and it was a blast.Making it through Statesville Haunted Prison is only half the battle because you will then go through a second haunted house called City of the Dead full of fantastic characters and sets. Tickets.

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From haunted houses to feature films, the Zombie Army can produce your event from conceptual design to closing night.Statesville followed through with a prison theme throughout most of the house with rows of bars and other prison-related scenes.Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia went out of business in 1971, but some say the spirits of its former prisoners stuck around.

The City of the Dead featured headstones, body parts and other related props that were consistent with its theme.

Statesville Haunted Prison, Crest Hill IL and City of the

Statesville Haunted Prison: OPEN THIS WEEKEND!

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Come, let the prisoners of STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON take you on a tour into the underbelly of this house of evil.

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Me and my bf want to go to the statesville haunted prison in chicago.

Getting blasted with a fog horn six inches from your ear and to top it off.Haunted houses can be a great way to partake in a Halloween activity without having to dress up for the occasion.

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Illinois haunted houses are scattered and well worth the journey.The haunted houses on our list cater to adult audiences and involve waivers, extreme physical contact, safe words, abduction, violence, nudity and electric shock.

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The red-and-white checkered heavy metal clown room is still the standard by which others must be.

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Stateville Correctional Center (SCC) is a maximum security state prison for men in Crest Hill, Illinois, U.S., near Chicago.